We have lots to offer at Dhaanvi

Amenities & Facilities

Amenities like clubhouse, open land good for agricultural purposes, outdoor sports, swimming pool and a beautiful cottage where you can relax and unwind your family. All makes this a great investment.

Fully Managed Gated Community
24 x 7 Security Service
Well Connected Water System
Highly Fertile Agricultural Land
High Returns Timber Trees Planted
Grow and Consume Fresh Produce
Access to Agricultural Tools
On Demand Labour Assistance
Access Organically Grown Produce
Club House & Restaurant
Indoor Sports
Various Outdoor Sports Area
Children’s Play Area
Cottages and Guest House
Swimming Pool

What our clients say

Clean title and ownership without any legal hassle

One of the most satisfying things about Dhaanvi Farms is the team that helped us with legal documentation at the time of purchasing the land. They constantly offer their expertise in farming and timber management. Never knew owning a farmland could be this fun and this easy! I can now finally treat my family and myself to a peaceful and serene retreat every weekend.