Dhaanvi Farms is a completely managed farmland project. All the farms will be managed by our professional Agricultural specialists with over 20+ years of experience.

There are plenty of benefits of owning a managed farmland which include passive income from timber and Agriculture, higher appreciation of the land, security, shared expenses, access to amenities such as a clubhouse with swimming pool, restaurant, and many more. Additionally, it could be your weekend home.

Our farmland is located at Kanakapura, Karnataka. It is about 60 Km from Kanakapura NICE Road Junction.

The minimum size of the plot that one could buy is 5.5 Guntas (Approximately 6000 Sq.Ft)

The minimal maintenance charge is Rs. 0.25/Sq.Ft. This amount is collected annually and is to be paid in advance at the start of each year. This charge includes maintenance of de-weeding your plot, watering the plants and maintenance of common amenities.

At the boundary of each plot, we have planted Mahogany saplings for timber and the remaining space is left open for customization according to your needs. Each customer will have an option to choose a variety of plants to be planted in one’s plot.

Yes, we offer you a variety of options such as Hybrid Coconut, Mango, Guava, Sapota, Avocado, Lemon, Drum Sticks etc. Apart from these if there are any other saplings that you would like us to plant and manage, we will evaluate their suitability to the weather and soil conditions, their potential value and plant them accordingly.

Our property has an abundant source of groundwater which is managed with an efficient borewell system. Additionally, the farmland is surrounded by streams of water which sufficient for managing all the activities at the farm.

Yes, you can build a farmhouse in your plot. If needed, our team would love to construct it for you according to your plan or requirement.

Yes, our land titles are secure and clear from all legal issues. We help you with all the legal aspects and documentation on the transfer of land ownership.

Yes, The State government recently amended the Land Reforms Act which now allows any individual to buy Agricultural land in Karnataka.

The land value near Bangalore has appreciated as much as 6 times in the last decade and is continuing to appreciate. It is found that the land in developing areas tend to appreciate more than in already developed areas. Our land is less than 2 Kms from the State Highway that makes it a potential investment opportunity.

No, banks do not provide loans for the purchase of Agricultural land throughout India.

Yes, once you purchase a plot at Dhaanvi Farms, you have the complete authority to sell your plot to anyone at any point in time.

What our clients say

Clean title and ownership without any legal hassle

One of the most satisfying things about Dhaanvi Farms is the team that helped us with legal documentation at the time of purchasing the land. They constantly offer their expertise in farming and timber management. Never knew owning a farmland could be this fun and this easy! I can now finally treat my family and myself to a peaceful and serene retreat every weekend.