Perfect choice for all-round growth

What makes our Farmlands attractive?

Farmland currently represents a $9 trillion market globally, with high returns and low volatility.
You can enjoy unlimited access to facilities like clubhouse, swimming pool, party area and more which are located in the premises of your farmland. Land quality and well-managed resources make it an ideal agricultural land in Bangalore.

  • Nearest Agro Real-estate project from Bengaluru

  • Clear title and ownership

  • Lifetime free Club Membership

  • High Land Value Appreciation

  • Tax free Passive Income from Timber

  • High ROI compared to investment in other segments like Fixed Deposits & Mutual funds

  • Consultancy services and Assistance in growing and selling crops

  • Options to build your own farmhouse

  • Tourist locations nearby

  • Good water resources

Timber investment to maximise your returns

Managed Farmlands with focus on your Growth

Cultivating timber trees like Teak, Mahagony, etc is an ideal business for anyone who is outdoor and love working with nature. They are high value resource when grown with proper care in long run also contributing to the mother earth. It is more profitable than you might imagine when grown in large numbers.

  • Per Acre one can plant around 450 trees

  • Each Mahagony tree will produce about 20 cubic feet of wood

  • The current value of Mahagony in Indian Timber Market varies from INR 1250 to 2000 per cubic feet

  • Each tree can fetch around INR 25,000
    (20 CFT X INR 1250)

  • By planting 450 trees in one acre, one can earn
    450 X INR 25,000 = INR 1,12,50,000 (~1.125 Crore)

  • * Above estimate is considering the current prices of the market and there is good scope for improvement in future considering the current market trend

What our clients say

Clean title and ownership without any legal hassle

One of the most satisfying things about Dhaanvi Farms is the team that helped us with legal documentation at the time of purchasing the land. They constantly offer their expertise in farming and timber management. Never knew owning a farmland could be this fun and this easy! I can now finally treat my family and myself to a peaceful and serene retreat every weekend.